Our Programme

Our programme is based on;

  • Quality in Action: Te Mahi Whai Hua,
  • Revised Statement of Desirable Objectives and Practices (DOPs);
  • Te Whāriki
  • Kei Tua o te Pae methods of assessment and planning.
  • Other relevant and/or current research.

Our environment is designed to support active learning. A range of indoor and outdoor activities and experiences are available to enable children to take the lead and make choices about their own learning.

For children under two we will endeavour to keep their routines from home.

The daily programme reflects the holistic way children learn and provides a range of activities that will support different abilities, cultures, backgrounds and dispositions for learning. Our activities book and individual portfolios will record this.

Regular and ongoing formal and informal discussion between parents/family/whānau and teachers provide a platform for sharing information about children’s progress, interests, strengths, learning style and achievements.